Prequal – What do they ask for?


Different prequal companies have different prequal requirements

Your pre-qualification level depends on your activities.

Typical prequal content could include the following:

Safety certification

Management and supervision

  • Company organogram
  • Business continuity plan

Contractor management

  • Contractor management procedure
  • Contractor details
  • Contractor pre-qualification procedure
  • Contractor prequalification checklist
  • Contractor minimum requirements
  • Contractor work method statements
  • Contractor safety KPIs
  • Contractor induction
  • Workplace induction
  • Pre-start meetings
  • Project control meetings
  • Contractor monitoring and inspection
  • Contractor monitoring procedure
  • Contractor site inspection
  • Contractor SSSP audit
  • Contractor site safety audit

Commitment and responsibility

  • Company policies
  • Roles and responsibilities
  • Audit of roles and responsibilities
  • Hazard identification methods
  • Monitoring health and safety
  • Health and safety KPIs

Safe work actions

  • Safe work procedures
  • Work instruction process and procedure
  • SWP review records
  • Worker instruction review
  • Site specific safety plans – SSSP

Hazard management

  • Hazard and risk management procedure
  • Hazard identification methods
  • Types of hazards
  • Risk register / hazard assessment
  • Hazard identification form
  • Hazard identification checklist
  • Hazard reporting
  • Task analysis / Job safety analysis¬† TA /JSA
  • Lock out tag out procedure – LOTO
  • General emergency procedure
  • Activity specific emergency procedure
  • Hazardous substances
  • Health monitoring
  • PPE policy, issue, procedure and audit

Incidents and accidents

  • Incident reporting and procedure
  • Incident register
  • Incident investigation

Audit and inspection

  • Workplace inspection
  • SSSP Audits
  • Health and safety system audits


  • Worker handbook
  • Worker involvement
  • Site briefing and toolbox minutes


  • Training procedure
  • Training matrix
  • Training register and update
  • Refresher training
  • Company inductions
  • Workplace training evaluation
  • Management and supervisor training

Plant, equipment and vehicles

  • Maintenance procedure
  • Tool and equipment register
  • Vehicle maintenance and schedule
  • Vehicle checklists

Environmental performance

Insurance documents

All the above make sense to us.

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