Do you need help with a Prequal?

We help clients with their Prequal setup and submission.

Is your documentation a bit thin?  We will build them up.


What is a PREQUAL?

A Prequal or Contractor Prequalification is what a Principal Contractor or client uses to establish the level of a company (PCBU) health and safety system, and give them guidance as to the suitability of the contractor for the task.

Documents that help you keep details up to date and relevant:

Company document expiry dates
Training certificates with expiry date notification
Policy and Procedure – unlimited storage – edit and add
Worker management
Subcontractor management
Hazard identification
TA  -Task Analysis with drop-down choice
JSA – Job Safety Analysis with drop-down choice
Risk assessment builder app.
SWP – Safe work procedures – edit and add
SOP – Safe Operating Procedures – edit and add
Training schedules
Training matrix
Training course requirements
Training certificate generator
Tools and management
Checklists and registers… and more

……All are easy to edit and update.

We offer the service of setting this up for you.
Setup will be done in such a way you can easily manage it and update it.

How do we do it?

We use the SMS Safety Software system to prepare all your documents.

Once setup is complete, you will have the option of purchasing the complete system which we have setup for you.

This will allow you to maintain and improve on your company health and safety system.

You can see what it looks like here:, or in the video on the right.

What is our point of difference?

Experience not only in health and safety, but many years working in the manufacturing and construction industry.

Understanding of your business activity and how it works.

Understanding of the many challenges you face.

Outstanding customer service.

Ongoing support and assistance

What is included?

Prequal setup and submission service

A PREQUAL submission requires a wide range of documents.
Your company may run safely, but do you have all the correct documents needed for a Prequalification submission.
Clients appoint different prequal companies depending on their needs? There are also different levels of prequal submission.
We have all the available documents and will prepare them with your input.
Documents must be submitted to your workers. We need to prove communication and continuity for your prequal to score well.


Kim Wood


  1. 30+ years experience
  2. Business owner in manufacturing
  3. Business owner in construction related products
  4. 8+ years in safety software systems

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